Buy Weed Cartridges Online

Are you looking to buy weed cartridges online in Canada? At BC Bud Collective, we carry a number of high-quality weed vape cartridge brands for your enjoyment. Below you can learn a little more about weed vape cartridges.

What is a weed cartridge (weed cart)?

Weed cartridges are essentially disposable (and sometimes refillable) vape “cartridges” that can be interchanged on a vape battery. All of our weed vape cartridges available at BC Bud Collective are 510 threaded which means that they are interchangeable with 99% of other vape batteries. This makes them very convenient.

At BC Bud Collective, we also sell weed vape batteries as additional accessories. This awesome add-on will allow you to start using your vape cartridge right away after you receive your delivery. All of our batteries are rechargeable and come with a small charger cable in the box.

Why are weed cartridges popular?

Weed cartridges (or “carts” for short) have become extremely popular for a number of reasons. First off, the cannabis oil inside of the weed cartridges is extremely high in THC content, containing weed concentrate. This means that you get really good bang for your buck with these vape products, as one hit will provide significantly more THC.

In addition, weed vape cartridges are also very portable and discrete. You can put these little pens in your pocket and take them around town for your enjoyment. Using these vape cartridges is different than smoking straight weed flower in that the smell that arises is much less noticeable.